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Empathy Tribe Ambassadors

Do you have an experience that can help someone else feel less alone in the world?
Sounds like you should be a part of the "round two" of our vulnerability series, and become an official Empathy Tribe Ambassador!

Please refer to our round one to see where the vulnerability series began. For this round, though, we will be shifting the conversation a bit. Here are the highlights:

1. Story: You have a story of vulnerability & authenticity. The real messy mess of life - experiences with which others can connect.
2. Intent: You have an experience that you feel should be shared, because it can help someone feel a part of a community. We're not looking to just "air dirty laundry." Instead, you have a true reason why you want to share your experiences.
3. Safety: Do you want to remain anonymous? We're good with that. Want to share your name? That's cool, too. This is about keeping you safe, as well as keeping others safe.
4. Kintsugi: My favorite term - "kintsugi" - highlighting the beauty in brokenness. You are eager and willing to have a piece of custom artwork created from your story.
5. Community: You are game to be a part of this empathy tribe community - to have your story shared on this website for others to read, reflect upon, and absorb.

Those are the highlights for now!
Please fill out the super quick form below to get more information if you are interested in being a part of this community. We will be contacting you with more details afterwards so that you get the full vision of this next stage of Empathy Embody.
Most importantly: thank you, for everything that you are.

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