Welcome to empathy embodied
Here you will find stories of all the mess that life brings - vulnerability, insecurity, questions, you name it.
All that stuff that no one really wants to talk about? Yeah, you'll find it here. 

Here's a recap of how you can navigate this online community: 

  • who: meet the tribe's founder, and learn how this whole community came to be
  • what: a place to explore true, messy stories shared by our tribe members along with the learnings & questions from those experiences
  • why: a recap of where empathy embody began - with a paintbrush, a phone call, and the dream to build meaningful connections with others
  • where: we love meeting people, and want to meet you! here you can find every way to contact us so that you can become a part of our family
  • how: a quick list of options for if you've ever asked yourself, "how can i get involved with this empathy tribe?"